Hello from Troublemaker Inks! We are a small-scale ink maker from Cebu, of which many of our colors are inspired by. We're focused on giving you the best ink-sperience possible without the hefty price tag. Our inks are made on a per-bottle basis where it's mixed by hand to perfection. We want to share our passion with penmen and artists that would want to add a tropical flair to their collection. We hope you enjoy using our inks as much as we do making them.

Troublemaker Ink Properties


Our formula is designed to perform alongside some of the most free-flowing fountain pen inks in the market.


Piston-filler owners, rejoice! Troublemaker Inks are lubricated, ensuring that your pen's inner mechanisms are as smooth as it was out of the box.

Optimal Saturation

We try to find the right spot when it comes to saturation—where color is showcased well without the smudging problems that accompany particularly intense inks.

Not Water Resistant

Although it's a disadvantage to some users, Troublemaker Inks are washableperfect for artists who intend to use it as a medium.

Feel free to talk to us through the Contact page or at info@troublemakerinks.com if you have any questions about Troublemaker Inks.